Chess program Galjoen

Galjoen Chess Software



Galjoen is a chess program written in C++.
It has it's own graphical user interface (build on gtkmm3), but can also work with any other interface that supports the UCI protocol. The interface galjoengui can be used to load games, edit comments in these games, play as a human against an engine, organize tournaments between chess programs, view EPD codes and analyze positions.
Galjoengui understands the rules of chess960 and will automatically choose one of the 960 starting positions when asked for a new game against a chess960 engine.

  • Galjoen uses PVS , nullmove pruning , LMR , LMP, Singular Move Extensions, ProbCut and futility pruning .
  • Moves are generated with the help of magic bitboards .
  • The evaluation function evaluates material, mobility of the pieces, pawn structure, passed pawns, and king safety. It's a relatively simple function build on 86 tuned parameters.
  • Galjoen can optionally use an opening book in Polyglot *.bin format.
  • When Galjoen reaches a KQKR or a KBNK endgame, Galjoen will build it's own endgame tablebase if there is still enough time on the clock.
  • It is published under the GNU General Public License.